Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Still In Detention

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Nnamdi Kanu Still in Detention

Nnamdi Kanu has yet to regain his freedom despite orders from two different courts ordering his release. The DSS arrested Nnamdi Kanu on September 17 2015 in Lagos when he visited Nigeria. He was granted bail by the magistrate court but the DSS refused to release him.

The DSS withdrew his case from the magistrate court to the high court where he is to be charged with terrorism. The federal high court sitting in Abuja on the December 17 2015 ordered his release but the DSS once again is yet to release him.

This administration has consistently shown that it has no regard for the rule of law. Can the Buhari led APC government really fight corruption with its flagrant disregard for the law and and due process?

Is this what Nigerians are in for? Nigerians must not forget the anti-social media bill that is aimed at gagging the social media. It is indeed sad that an administration that rode into power on the strength of social media and propaganda should think it can suddenly turn around and gag social media.

The continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and other illegally detained Nigerians is not the way to fight corruption. Corruption must be fought according due process. Without the law, the society will run wild. SO also can the government run wild without the law guiding it.

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Lawal A Shika

Wonderful, so u expect kanu to be release now,with treason charges he is facing without serving his sentences. Only God can save kanu against the crimes he commited to the nation.

Amara Ngeleboi

Lmao thought they said d Animal is out??????????

Elmustapha Musty Kura Mk

And he will be in detention till the end of his life!

Elmustapha Musty Kura Mk

And he will be in detention till the end of his life!

Emmanuel Amakaeze

Biafra my country???

Chelsea Albert Ifeanyi

May God give u strength bro, our hero

Iyk Agu

Since hausa and yoruber have turn themselves to Pharaoh, what happened to Pharaoh will soon happen to them

Ozioma Nwankwo

Nigerian government is playin with fire,breaking the laws they swear to uphold will be the downfall of these confused set of people.

Gbenga Idowu Adeyemi

Animal ,,,,,in ZOO cage,,good for him

A A Sokoto Idris

Ah nade still expect Nnamdi kanu to come out from detention, after committing treasonable offence, na think say the person on top is a drunkered like some fast Govt officials, no way na from cell to prison, treason is life in jail ooo, so you shouldn’t expect that criminal out of that place, he’s minus one, Govt is still looking for the second person I e Abubakar shikkau .

Solo Rich

Whh have they not been able to sentence him? What are they waiting for. Yet the court has declared him innocent.