Biafra: Motion in UK Parliament for Nigeria to Conduct a Referendum

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Biafra: Motion in UK Parliament for Nigeria to Conduct a Referendum

The calls and protests by the Indigenous People of Biafra and other such groups, received some attention in the British House of Commons. In a motion called Early Day Motion 808 and titled Biafra Independence, Elliott, Tom moved a motion that urged the British government to support the bid for the creation of a Biafra Republic by urging the Nigerian government to conduct a referendum.

The motion which was supported by Kinahan, Danny read “That this House recognises the calls for the independence of territories that constituted the Biafra Republic; acknowledges the Biafran issue could be improved with the co-operation of the Nigerian government by offering a referendum; and urges the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to use its diplomatic strength to assist in the resolution of this matter.”


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Ita ekpo

This time is more than referendum following those whose life were taken for the sake of the struggle. That could be at the starting point of the agitation. As the Nigerian government can not understand freedom in democratic society. Thinking killing cansolve the problem. Is when you people explain to him why restoration is necessary. So that next time his tribe be in power will take precaution should such situation arises. May God almighty bless those that have seen the pepper that were blinding the eyes of the agitator.

Benjamin Kish

Biafra existed 5000 years before d zoo called Nigeria was contracted.

To crown it all, on the 30th of May, 1967 Biafran sovereign state became a reality.

Biafrans are where they are today because they were forced with arms to be there.

The rogues who did it have been for the interest of Islamic housa/Fulani and Yorubas has been identified the BRITISH now they owned up and want to make amend fast, nothing and nobody will stop them from reversing the trend by RESTORING BIAFRA TO IT ORIGINAL STATUS AS A SOVEREIGN NATION.
Kudos to Britain and her citizens for sucha bold STEPS.


What I don’t get is the centiment of you on the issue of Biafra , u said we are fraudsters n u pole are saints, now let us go , u guys are still panicking what is all this hypocrisy . I don’t get it , lets be sincere we are very important to the economy of this country for it to maintain stability. Please bear with us , we have paid our dues is time to go.

Osunmo Abiodun
This news is just a figment of the imagination of this website. Biafra, we were told, was long dead and buried. Some of us still do not see the basis for this new spate of agitations. No other group within the geographical wedlock called Nigeria had deliberately marginalized the Igbos, even since after the civil war. They have had their fair share of the political space aside their inability to emerge as president of the Nigerian republic. And who will trust an over-ambitious race of its mould with political power at that level?. Here was a race which took the… Read more »
Enaholo John

I’m not full support for Biafra

Ajoku chimuanya princewill
Ajoku chimuanya princewill

The God of the land of the rasingsun is at work biafra must be free form this usless cuntry call nigeria

victor chuks

This is good development, been one of the most democratic nation that

respect rule of law. We are expecting UK to mandate Nigerian govt to conduct referendum which would be supervised by international communities.

Uzodinma francis

All we want is Biafra or nothing less…Britain should do the needfull now and stop the massacre of nigeria’s murderous agents against Biafrans.


Yes!!! Britain as a father should do the needful and rightful than to send, support or watch her children’s blood the second time and this time, endlessly.
But before then, is it not good to talk on the release of leader a prisoner of conscience?


Britain do just one right let BIAFRA go!