Biafra: IPOB Alleges That Over 1000 Biafran Protesters Have Been Killed By Security Agents

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Biafra: IPOB Alleges That Over 1000 Biafran Protesters Have Been Killed By Security Agents

Following the recent killings of some members of IPOB who were praying in a School at Aba prior to the planned protest early this week, the leadership of IPOB has come out to speak in string terms against the continued killing of their members. According to them, over 1000 of members of IPOB have been killed since Nnamdi Kanu was incarcerated.

According to Mr. Emma Powerful who is the Media and Publicity Officer for IPOB, he said “we wonder what these soldiers and  policemen who are killing our innocent members because they embarked on peaceful demonstration to demand the unconditional release of our leader and Director of Radio Biafra Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, are doing in the South East when their marksmanship is needed in the North East to check the activities of the Boko haram insurgents who are killing people on daily basis.”

He made this statement while speaking with news men at Nnewi after the leadership of IPOB held a meeting to access everything that has happened so far and to determine the way forward given current realities.

Mr Powerful went on to say  “The case of our leader has exposed the emptiness of APC government in Nigeria and some ex presidents of Nigeria who are supporting the extra judicial killing of  harmless IPOB members who have not carried guns or any dangerous weapons for a day.

“If the present government of APC in Nigeria is responsible, law abiding, respectful to Nigerian constitution, and the orders of court of competent jurisdiction, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu has no business still being incarcerated. No IPOB member or anybody should be shot while engaging in peaceful protest but because this is a government of frustrated, confused and power hungry people who never thought that they will ever lead Nigeria for one day,  they use intimidation to shoot people as if they are still in the military era.

“We know the activities of a former president of Nigeria who has been visiting and interacting with the Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, on how to deal with IPOB members in Abia state.The former President has been romancing with the APC and we are looking forward to seeing him declaring for APC. Let him be bold enough to do that instead of  working with Abia state Governor to push out IPOB members for their pay masters in APC. We  know their role in the killing of our members and very soon we will ask them questions.

“We must make sure that all the past and present Nigerian presidents who are killing our members extra judicially are tried for genocide. The international community is watching. They should remember what happened to the former President of Liberia and his Ivorian counterpart who were killing people while in office, and now nemesis has caught up with them. They are answering questions on the people they killed and the same thing will happen to these heartless Nigerian leaders who are not anything better than the Boko Haram insurgents because of their approval and order to the security agencies to shoot at sight, IPOB and other Biafra agitators and people who embark on protest to air their grievances.”

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Madaki Isma'il Yakubu

we expect more

Basheer Mrgumel


Hakimi Kurawa

Nigerian Government need peace & unity

Ahia Justice

A senslex hatred based solely on tribal difference,so it is impossible 4 man 2 co-exist abe?ok no wahala,my sympathy goes out 2 d families of dos who have lost der life out of foolishnex,shame on u d nigerian govt who hv no regard 4 d life of her citizens n shame on u my follow igbo brothers who hv no value 4 der own lifes

Ahia Justice

All i c here is hatred solely based on tribe

Omolara Bose
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Don Diamond

When did that happened? And what about the copse of people killed?

Tayo Familua

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Aregbesola Adeolu

Yes biafra most go

Aliyu Abdullah

I support biafrans,,bcos we are nt one nd we will never be one,we shear different region,religion,tribe,culture,,so pls let them go,,we can survive without them,,GOD will help us