Biafra: DSS and The Continued Detention of Nnamdi Kanu Portends No Good for Nigeria

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Biafra: DSS and The Continued Detention of Nnamdi Kanu

It all started as a joke but now it has turned to an international embarrassment for Nigeria. The continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigerian government appears to be a script that will end badly.

If one was to retrace the events that led up to this current agitation, one might begin to understand the dilemma the FG has gotten itself into. Let us start with the question – who is Nnamdi Kanu?

Almost everyone knows or at least has heard about Nnamdi Kanu. However, before this time, who knew about him? Very few people. He has however now been elevated to the position of the likes of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. According to him, he is simply fighting for the freedom of his people.

How The Government Goofed.

Nnamdi Kanu operated an online radio platform that few people knew of. He added an analog radio station that operated in the South-east of the country and still not much people knew of him. How did his radio station and struggle get so popular? The federal government gave him free advert.

It was the federal government that made most people know there was such a thing as Radio Biafra. The announcement that they had jammed the radio station and arrested its operators brought the news into the main stream. It got worse when this news turned out to be false as the station was (and is) thriving.

The followership of Radio Biafra grew from this point on as more people identified with his views. Everything however plateaued and it all appeared to have hit its ceiling. People were calling him names, saying he was inciting people from the comfort of his abode in the UK. The gentleman decided to take the struggle to the next level by coming home.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Nnamdi kanu is visiting Nigeria. He had visited Nigeria earlier in the year to mark Biafra day. There was a rally in the South-east where he spoke. This is not common knowledge because many did not know who he was much less the rally that took place.

The FG continued to dig its own grave deeper by taking a thoughtless action. Kanu announced that he would be coming to Nigeria. This alone should have caused a more intelligent person to pause and think. Why will this young man announce his coming to Nigeria? He came as he promised and was immediately arrested by the DSS in his Hotel room in Lagos.

What has happened since his arrest will testify to the wisdom or foolishness of the FG in arresting him. Someone asked an interesting question. He asked, what is the worst that would have happened if Nnamdi Kanu had not been arrested? Answer: likely a few rallies here and there organized by him. The case today is totally different. Thousands are protesting daily around the world.

Just as IPOB announced upon the arrest of their leader, the FG really played into their hands. Nnamdi Kanu appears to be acting out a prepared script. Someone who also believes in Biafra got in touch with Kanu while he was still in the UK and he told Kanu that though he believed in the struggle just as much as him (kanu), he said he did not like kanu’s modus operandi. He told Kanu that he believed he could be more civil and refined in his speeches.

Kanu’s answer was both insightful and indicative of the planning and intelligence that had gone into this struggle. Kanu explained to him that their approach was very deliberate. All the abuse and cursing was simply a tool to gain attention. He used an analogy to explain his strategy.

Two persons were suffering headache of the same severity and went to the hospital. One went in quietly and asked for a doctor while the other came in shouting and calling for help saying his head was killing him, he asked, which of these two will be attended to first? His answer shows that he was playing a psychological game.

So far, his plan has worked perfectly. His arrested has ignited the fire in millions more and pushed thousands into the street to protest his continued arrest. There is next stage which will be determined by whatever action the FG takes next. The protests which have hitherto been surprisingly peaceful is sure to turn violent if anything happens to Kanu.

The FG must pick up its brains and thinking cap wherever it left it and begin to think at the same level of intelligence as their captive. Someone said, you do not fight an ideological revolution with force. You fight it with superior argument.

It is time for the FG to swallow its pride, release this gentleman and salvage whatever they can from this debacle. The longer it lasts, the more the struggle will get entrenched and the more the unity of Nigeria (if there was ever such a thing) will be severely threatened. It is now very clear that Nigeria must be restructured if this struggle will end.

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Kingsley David

Buhari is a coward a brainless human being, he wants war, but it will start in his house hold

Ekeh Emmanuel Onyebuchi Onyebuchi

Nigeria should let baifra go’ because force marriage is not allow’ this era of century….’God bless Baifra…

Hassan Kaffoi

Kanu should not smell freedom again. The over 2million souls who perished as a result of the Biafran war want him to join them immediately to serve as atonement.


All awusa are very wicked and hartles , children of a blood sucking demon, rejoicing over the killing of innocent Biafrans Except this man and all that can speak like him.

don Cee

Are you not ashamed that the oyibos used blacks to kill fellow Blacks and you still can’t reason? Do you know that Biafra was there before Nigeria and before the war you are talking about?

Frank Flow

Empty brains are too many in the zoo, please God give us Biafra’ So that we can have focuse!

Charles Sophia

I don’t have much to say but if anything happens to Nnamdi kanu…. We shall kill 20 million heads of hausa and fulani or generally the zoos to replace his head …. You guys should not temper with nnamdi kanu…..

Joshua Ochogwu

Some talked abt kill as if human are cows

Prince Malaki

U called ur self otoir jimoh dis name is my dogs name.

Prince Malaki

You r an idoit dat have no sense a fool of 40 is a fool for even pig like u.

Anthojy John

all this alamarjiris re just noise makers we need arguing with nonentity, westpipe aboki whose their will soon west for a bandful of tuwo from alahji, lets discos important thing rather than westing time on all this misable alamarjiri people .

Abdulkareem Otori Jimoh
Linus igwe, if igwe had educated ur mind,u wont be dis armed Robber dat u are now.,hw many home dis u rob dis week.. kanu is a terrorist & no country in de world negotiates with Terrorist. Our igbo brothers are every were doing their daily business. While u forstrated basterd terrorist want to terrorise our igbo brothers. Try any shitt & get nigerians rapid responce . Who say make u no go sch or do business. Do u have to wait for a boy like kanu ur terrorist leader to feed u?. Kanu is history by de terrorist act..nija… Read more »
Frank Okeke

@Abdulkareem Otori jimoh don’t ever call Biafra a terrorist group whatever backwardness and mess Nigeria the North contributed so much in it that God may never forgive the north for, Mind you boko haram is part of the punishment for the north in sharing blood and being blood thirst always.