Opinion: Apologies to GEJ by Joel Pereyi

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Apologies to GEJ by Joel Pereyi

Alas, President Buhari’s first 100 days as president of modern day Nigeria came too soon. It is now history; a figment of yesterday’s paper. It is hard to say if it came with a mournful air or a copious reverie. We may not find common lines of agreement on it being a success, failure or something in between, but we’ll sure agree on this one thing: some things happened between PMB’s 1st and 100th day in office and there is still no economic policy or framework on what he intends to do for us and how he intends to do it.

The other day, Mallam Shehu Garba, one of PMB’s media handlers almost bored us to death with his verbose and poorly written and proofread “Understanding President Buhari in 100 Days” article. A few days after, another of President Buhari’s lying machine – as they have turned out to be – regaled us with yet another 100-day rant. Rather than win sympathy for his principal, his “New Sheriff in Town” article reminds us of the need to tender hearty apologies to our immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan.

Yes, the new Sheriff in town is a miracle worker. He hasn’t invested a dime, let alone wave his magic wand, and our power woes are beginning to “abracadabra style” disappear. This mystery disappearance – the reason why our power Generation Companies(GENCOs) now have an output of close to 5000mw, has been said to be due to this new Sheriff’s body language. In the words of Mr. Adesina, “Some call it the Buhari bounce, others describe it as the Buhari effect… A new Sheriff has come to town.”

But that isn’t only crass, it is idiotic. It isn’t only idiotic, it betrays zilch understanding of simple logic and makes little children sneeze derisively because of its distortedness. Come to think of it; what if the previous administration didn’t invest in the power sector? What if the Power Holding Company of Nigeria wasn’t unbundled into 18 companies for greater efficiency and effectiveness? What if GEJ didn’t create the Nigerian Bank Electricity Trading Plc(NBET)? What if GEJ didn’t launch the Roadmap for Power Sector Reform?

Will the Buhari bounce still be bouncy? Will the Buhari effect be effective enough to boost power generation from the 2200mw bequeathed to GEJ in 2012? Will it? Can it? If it will, why didn’t it stop unemployment from rising from7.5% to 8.2%? If it can, why couldn’t it stop Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) from reducing by 0.20 percent? Why didn’t it stop our Gross Domestic Product(GDP) from plummeting by 40 percent to 2.35 under the very watchful eyes of President Buhari?

He didn’t stop there. He went further to say; “even our foreign reserves know that a new Sheriff is in town, and has responded appropriately. In June, just one month into office, … our foreign reserves surged from 29 billion USD to 31.89 USD. Holy Moses!” This reveals more than you think. It is worse than you imagine.


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