Nigeria: Bring Back Our Girls Campaign – Have the Girls Been Found?

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Bring back our girls campaign

What has happened to the bring back our girls campaign? There has been a sudden fizzling out in the calls and cries for the recovery of these dear girls who went missing months back. This sudden waning in the call for the bringing back of these girls raises some very troubling questions.

There have been many insinuations that the bring back our girls campaign was taken over by individuals with a sinister political agenda. There were actually count down clocks marking the number of days these girls had remained away from their friends and families. In fact, one newspaper in Nigeria – The Nation – had a counter that showed the number of days every day. Interestingly, a day after President Buhari won the elections, the counter was removed from the front pages of these national daily where it had previously occupied a very conspicuous position.

Have the girls now been found? Has their being found suddenly become less important than it previously was? Why is no one shouting from the roof tops again? Actually, why is Oby Ezekwesili not being heard again? These and other questions contribute to the assumption by many that both the Chibok girls and the campaign to bring them back were all well orchestrated schemes to discredit an administration and take over power.

Oby Ezekwesili

To further deepen the already thickening plot, the Principal of the school  from where the girls were kidnapped has been nominated by Governor Shettima of Borno State as the state’s commissioner for education. It is important to restate that prior to the kidnap, the school was advised to relocate the girls and allow them sit for the exams in another school. It is also necessary to point out that the teachers were not around neither was any ward or child of any teacher or other staff kidnapped. If the students had been relocated, this kidnap would not have been possible.

A principal who has questions to answer is now being nominated as commissioner of education. Is this a reward? At least this is the assumption that many who some will classify as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are making. If it is not a reward, what message is this sending?

The APC made a lot out of the Chibok girls issue because it really was and is a very big issue. The kidnap of over 200 girls caused serious outrage across the world. They were both vocal and angered by the government’s lack of action (according to them). Now the APC is in government and one would think that prompt action will be taken to quickly find these missing girls, at least, that was the promise made by President Buhari during the campaigns. The only new things we have seen is that the military command post has been moved to Maidugari and over 120 people have been killed in just one week.

Over 600 girls and women were reported to have been found by the military before the current relapse. However, not one of these women and girls was one of the Chibok girls. In fact, not one of these women and girls had met any of the Chibok girls in any of the camps. Are all these coincidences and an attempt at raising issues where there is non?

Whatever anyone might say, the government must find the Chibok girls as that is the only way to put these speculations to rest. Oby Ezekwesili and the ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ campaign must continue. Any attempt to stop the noise from the roof top now will discredit her and show her to have been a tool in the hands of people who simply wanted power so much.

Nigerians want change and change is what they should be given. To be more precise, the kind of change Nigeria desire is positive change.

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