Lagos: Rape Victim, Bites Off Rapist’s Male Organ

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Penis Bitten off

In a classic case of bush meat catching the hunter, a man alleged to have raped a lady was about two weeks ago in Lagos relieved of his raping tool. It was reported that the young man took his girl friend to his friends house. A few hours after, the lady was said to have rushed out of the house with blood on her cloths shouting that she had been raped and calling for help.

While people were still coming together and getting her some cloths to cover herself properly, the young man also came out crying for help. People were confused because he was drenched in blood. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that his manhood had been severed. He was rushed to the hospital in the hopes of saving the mutilated organ. Doctors however discovered that the severed part was missing. By the time the missing part was searched for and found, it was already dead. The doctor was however said to have gone ahead to sew on the severed part.

This piece of news has no doubt brought tremendous joy to the hearts of many ladies who have before now seethed with annoyance at news of the rape of helpless victims. This victim obviously was not that helpless.

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