Editorial: A Person to Be Buried with the Ooni of Ife – When Culture Becomes Barbarism

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A Person to Be Buried with the Ooni of Ife - When Culture Becomes Barbarism

The concept of Abobaku is not strange to many African tribes. In fact, it is something that was practiced across most tribes across Africa alongside the ownership of slaves, killing of twins, cannibalism etc. However, with modernization, many of these acts have been discontinued by many tribes. It is therefore both sad and criminal to hear in this age that a person or a family is set aside to be buried alive with a king. This is the concept of ‘Abobaku” and this is where culture becomes barbaric as with the rumour of the man to be buried with the late Ooni of Ife today August 14 2015.

In a place where there is a government and a law that is against the taking of human lives, should there be talks of a human being being buried alive with a Monarch? In fact, a whole family set aside for this horrible and inhumane duty? What can be done about such barbaric activities?

While this news has not in any way been fully confirmed, we call on the authorities to look into the claims that a person or persons will be buried today with the late Ooni of Ife. If this turns out to be true, the government should make it clear that such barbarism will no longer be condoned.

The same should go for the practice of such rites as Oro which results in the loss of human lives and indeed any such horrible rites performed by any tribe in the country. No tribes’ culture and traditional rites should be above the constitution of our land. The Ooni of Ife should be buried alone with no attendant human sacrifice.


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Jegede Oluranti

All of u dt says Yoruba culture are evil are iggbos, u better disclose wt is ur problem to d world or didYoruba ever use any of u people for any abobaku in Yoruba land

Jegede Oluranti

Chidimma or whatever u call urself, did Yoruba ever use any of ur relative for any tradition, u iggbos did not have tradition, u iggbos better learn how to talk

Udeh-Aylor Chikaodili Blessing

it was done in d olden days even in iboland de used slaves to escort d king to d spirit world but Christianity spoiled a lot of dat. U know d yorubas hold dear dere tradition so wouldn’t be suprised de still do dat.

Akperhe Ivie

LORD have mercy.

Shedrack Irezare

fuck ooni fuck ife and its environs

John Cheche

The decision to stop lies with the people who the tradition is binding on.

Chidimma Claribel

Yorubas and their useless tradition,why should they even conceal that in a 21st century age,government must intervene! Still Yorubas have the greatest number of pastors! Where are they? Can’t they speak out?

Olajide A. Tomilayo

You can open that your big mouth to insult other people?? Hypocrite!!

Durotimi Oluwa K Falaiye

Thank God for set abobaku free

Enoch Emmanuel Chinedum

I still think Nigeria should just free #Biafra .

Igboeli Okwudili

I think the federal government should look into that issue of such culture(s) in nigeria cus is their obligation to protect the lives of the innocent folks not just to look for our missing money,girls but to protect the ones that are already with us