Comic Relief: Buhari, ‘Noise Maker’ For Petroleum

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Comic Relief: Buhari 'Noise Maker' for Petroleum

If According to President Buhari Ministers are ‘Noise Makers’,

And President Buhari is the Minister for Petroleum,

Then President Buhari is the ‘Noise Maker’ for Petroleum.

Why mummy has grey hairs

The child and his mother

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44 Comments on "Comic Relief: Buhari, ‘Noise Maker’ For Petroleum"

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Abdulkadir Tudu Dbz Muhammed

Idbo people all of them they are nonsense because anything who go make nig to promot the not like it?….that is why the are not allout them to rule nig bcse that place it is the place 4 person who get senses but them is not,make then continio calling they Biafra that is what the are support todo?

Rabiu Musa

If you like pmb or not god can shell him to doing well in nig if you remember your prsd she never doing eneting ibeen

Nnoli Rose

Yes o…..buhari said that Ministers are noise makers…for making himself the minister of petroleum….buhari is therefore the ‘Noise Maker-in -chief of petroleum’

Abban Zainab

Better if you can ever read arabic the way i try your mother’s languege.

Oby Madukaku Philomina

buhari Petrolum Minister nothing wa person no go see for this dullard

Peroskee Ogeh

A true comic reliver indeed.

Oisamoje Oyas Nestar

petrolum noise maker

Kenny Egbuji

Good one!

Abban Zainab

Biafires are asked during iterview for normination of minstrs, lgbo mam was asked who is the prsdnt of nigeria? Who can guess the answr he gave? Pls,help me.

Ideh Nduka

It is better you comment in Arabic because you just put English on trial.

Abban Zainab

And you wail before he make the noise abi?