Nigeria: Reps Go Tough On GSM Operators – Demand A Stop To Unsolicited Ring Tones And SMS

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Resp go tough on telecoms operators

The House of Representatives has issued a directive to the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) to instruct the telecom operators in Nigeria to put a stop to unsolicited sms and callerback tunes. They also ordered that the NCC ensures that these operators desist from charging their subscribers for no reason.

Getting down to their business of lawmaking, the house instructed its committee on commnication when it is constituted to work closely with the NCC to put a stop to all activities by the GSM operators that were not in the interest of the subscribers. The community is required to report back to the House within two weeks.

The motion which was moved by Honourable Aliyu Sani Madaki of the APC was supported by Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila and the Minority leader Honourable Leo Ogor. The motion noted that subscribers were sometimes forced to pay for callertunes that they did not subscribe for thereby short changing these subscribers.

Nigerians will be glad about this development as many Nigerians are constantly bombarded by unsolicited marketing sms from GSM operators. It also appears that these numbers have also been made available to third party marketers who also bombard subscribers with different marketing offers.

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Jimoh Usman Kayode

Thank God they are all nuisance disturbing me and many others infact they should be fined.

Endurance Edinam

This operators are very deceitful. MTN will send text telling you ” to enjoy 5 days Of free health tips send this to that” only to start deducting your money or may even change your tariff plan. This is RUBBISH.

Endurance Edinam

I am Particularly angry with Etisalat who gives fake bonus. Etisalat trickishly charges up to 70 Naira per minute of call when they give any bonus.
MTN Will give data bonus and until it expires you will never be able to access the internet with it. THIS IS FRAUDULENT. So many issues with this operators.
The issue of fake PROMO should also be address.

Felix Igbagbo Agori

Trickish gsm providers. They came up with all kinds scam tactics to defraud unsuspected customers . God dey see una !

Daniel Olorunyomi

don’t blame dem,blame our government

Oyelowo Adeosun

Yes! But what I detest is to bark and never bite; issues like this have been coming up for long but without any concrete actions to forestall the bad practice, hence its continuation up till this moment

Chinedu Victor Eziefula

Good. They are now working…

Chrysanthus Perrin Chukwuemeka

Pls do fast and stop dem. They r fund of sendin rubbish 2 me

Okpala Evans

Dey don wake from sleep ? Halleluyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Osa Andrew

Am so happy that our law-makers have finally woken up to their responsibility. The so-called Gsm operators have recently become very nasty with their numerous unsolicited messages. They even have the effrontery to deduct money from subscribers’ credit arbitrarily without any apparent reason. It seems the regulatory body NCC is a toothless bull-dog, as it has never succeeded in sanctioning any of the network providers. The move by the law-makers is therefore a welcome development.