Ghana Flooding, Explosion Claim Over 150 Lives

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Ghana floods

The death toll in the petrol station fire disaster that occurred in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday following the flooding is said to have risen to over 150. It will be recalled that severe flooding in Accra resulted in huge damage to property and infrastructure. The fire occurred as a result of fuel being swept by the flood into a burning flame. Being a petrol filling station, fuel was stored in abundance here resulting in an explosion.

It is sad that the flooding had made a lot of people gather to take shelter at the filling station before the explosion and fire. The death toll represents those who died in the fire, those who drowned while trying to escape the fire and those who drowned elsewhere.

In honour of the dead and to mourn them, the nation will observe three days of mourning. Flags will also be flown at half mast for the period. Right now, there is a huge need for relief materials and the restoration of damaged infrastructure. The government led by President John Dramani Mahama has promised to release about $12 million towards this effort.

As the people of Ghana mourn their dead and try to rebuild both damaged infrastructure and broken hearts, the rest of Africa stands in solidarity with them.


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