Breaking News: President Buhari Dissolves NNPC Board

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President Buhari dissovles NNPC board

In a long anticipated move, president Buhari has taken his first major move by dissolving the board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. The president has been accused of inaction in his first three weeks as president. Prior to this, the only other decision of note the president had taken was the decision to move the military command center from Abuja to Maiduguri.

The dissolution of the board which takes place with immediate effect was announced by Director of Communications for the Head of Service of the Federation Haruna Imrana in a letter dated June 26 2015. This order came from the office of the head of service Mr Danladi Kifasi certainly on the orders of Mr President.

There have been calls for a probe of the NNPC and indeed other aspect of the past government in line with President’s anti-corruption stance. Is this the first move towards the highly expected probe? The coming days will reveal if this is really the case and if other expected shakeups will begin to take place.


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