Sudan: Julius Malema Insists that al’Bashir Must Pay for His crimes

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Julius Malema

Julius Malema the former leader of the African National Congress (ANC) youth league and the current leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has been speaking on the al’Bashir issue. Speaking in Limpopo at his party’s youth day commemoration, Malema said al’Bashir should rot in jail for his crimes. He went on to say that should his party win in the next elections, it will persuade other African countries to turn on al’Bashir and ensure that he “rots in jail.”

Known for his vocal stance, Malema went on to say that though al’Bashir must be made to pay for his crimes, he should go through a fair judicial process which process the ICC cannot provide. He called for al’Bashir to be tried by an African court and not by a court which he called an “imperialist organisation.”

It will be recalled that a South African court had ordered President Omar al’Bashir not to leave South Africa until it had ruled on the arrest warrant issued for him by the ICC. Before the court made its ruling on Monday, al’Bashir had jetted out of South Africa back to Sudan.

Though Malema called for justice to be served in the case of al’Bashir, he strongly voiced his reservations regarding ICC and the organisation’s intentions for Africa. He said “The ICC is not such a justice system which can give a fair hearing to an African leader. We need institutions which are going to deal with problems.”  He further said that the ICC and those backing it were not at all interested in peace and stability in Africa.

Malema joins the many voices from Africa criticizing the ICC for targeting African leaders alone. Showing the organization was not true and just in its operations.

Omar al'Bashir

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