Rwanada: President Paul kagame’s Third Term Bid Receives Party’s Support

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Paul Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his third term bid have been in the news for a while now. A lot of support is being drummed up to ensure this happens. The latest is the backing he has received from the ruling party Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF). Kagame has already served two terms and seeks a third term which can only happen if the constitution is amended to allow this.

The support of the party was made public after a two day retreat in Kigali attended by 600 top members of the party. This position was said to have been reached in response to the wishes of the people of Rwanda. It will be recalled that about 3.6 million Rwandans had signed a petition in an attempt to compel the parliament to amend the constitution to allow a president to run for a third term.

As is to be expected, the opposition is not finding this funny and have said that some of the supposed petitioners were forced to sign. kagame has been accused by his opposition of having no regard for political freedom and should therefore not be allowed to go for a third term.

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