Nigeria: Twin Bomb Explosions Kill 44 in Jos

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Twin bomb explosions kill 44 in Jos

Twin bomb attacks on two different locations in Jos has left about 44 persons dead and about 67 others injured. The attacks which occurred on Sunday night were targeted at a mosque and a popular restaurant in the city.

The Yantaya Mosque was the target of one of the bomb attacks. According to eye witness reports, the attack came as Sani Yahaya a cleric with the Jama’atu Izalatul Bidia organization was speaking to the crowd. This organization is known for teaching against violence and promoting peaceful co-existence.

The second attack was at a top restaurant known as Shagalinku. This restaurant is known to have a clientele that includes governors, top government functionaries and other members of the elite community. The increase in attacks has been attributed to the directive by ISIS that attacks should be increased during this Ramadan period. Boko Haram had earlier become linked to ISIS and is thought to be their representatives in West Africa.

In another news, Vigilante groups in the Askira-Uba local government area of Borno state have reported that there were fresh attacks in some areas that were attacked three days earlier. According to the head of a vigilante group, a number of villages were attacked and about nine persons were killed and about 32 Churches and 300 homes burnt.

This is clearly the worst that these attacks have ever been and Nigerians are asking questions of the government. Certain success were recorded a few months back. What has resulted to the current setback being experienced now?

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