Nigeria: Stolen Funds Recovery – Buhari Has the Capacity to Do It Says IBB

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Nigeria: Stolen Funds Recovery - Buhari Has the Capacity to Do It Says IBB

Former Nigerian Military Head of State Rtd General Ibrahim Babangida popularly known as IBB has come out to say that Buhari has the capacity to recover funds stolen by public office holders. He made this statement while speaking to the press on the occasion of his 74th birthday.

President Buhari since taking office has shown from his speeches and body language that he is focused on finding and recovering all funds stolen under the past administration. In fact, the period covered in the probes is the exact five years of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s time in office.

With this exact definition of the extent to which the limit of the probe will go, IBB who ruled Nigeria for about eight years will not be affected by the probe. According to IBB while speaking on President Buhari’s recovery of stolen funds agenda, he said “If he is resolute, I believe he will achieve some degree of stolen funds,” Babangida said. “You talk about oil theft, I am sure President Buhari is resolute to stamp out all those and to bring to book all those who have tampered especially in stealing our oil.”

He had earlier said  “my boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo created a similar strategy and, to be fair to him and his government, he made a lot of recoveries when he was in office; so we should support this present federal government in what is trying to do, to achieve the same objective.”

IBB has the case of the $12.8 billion Gulf War windfall still hanging over him. The funds were never recovered and IBB is touted to be one of the richest former Nigerian rulers. He certainly has not moral rights to be speaking on the issue of corruption and recovery of stolen funds unless he is mocking President Buhari since his actual statement was that Buhari can “achieve some degree” of success in his fight.

While speaking on the fight against Boko Haram, IBB said  “I think there is a general misunderstanding of the whole concept of insurgency; you can call it anything – instability, guerilla war, terrorism. We are not fighting a regular army where you can confront them with sheer use of force and weapons to overwhelm the enemy; no, we have gotten a small trained army whose tactics is to inflict maximum casualty on its so-called enemy, inflict casualty on him when and where he least expects it.

The army is not fighting a conventional war; that makes it exceptionally difficult. They (Boko Haram militants) blow our bridges; they go as far as blowing up barracks and so on; this is an unconventional war. I think the soldiers are trained for it and they know this is the sort of thing they do. I think the public should be educated about this unconventional war.”

If past administrations were really to be probed, IBB will certainly be one of those with the most skeletons in his cupboard. He however appears to have nothing to fear since he belongs to the league of former generals.

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He will start with u, because u are the architect..

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Hmmmm what a statement coming from a former or ex Head of State.

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All is fake news .

Amaka Muoegbunam

See no 1 thief talking

Viqi Fooballers Scout

Fake news! ls IBB himself not a record holder in corruption?

Nwode Ikechukwu

How much did you steal on this day, babangida?

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IBB go bring d one u collect

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Yes you too return your own my dear Nupe Man

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Fake news

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Must someone like you talk.