Nigeria: Boko Haram Strikes Again

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Boko Haram in fresh attack

In yet another twin suicide bomb attacks, the terrorist group – Boko Haram has struck again. The latest attack occurred in Molai in the capital city of Borno state. In the attack, about 3 persons were killed and 16 other injured.

The two suicide bombers were women and their plan was to gain entrance into a hospital located in the community. They were however stopped at the gate which was where the bombs were detonated. This clearly is the reason why the death toll is this low as only the two suicide bombers and the person around them got killed. Others were injured by the blast and flying fragments.

President Buhari had on the commencement of the Muslim fasting period called on the sect to lay down their arms. His statement generated some dust as he referred to the sect as ‘our misguided brothers’ raising some concerns as to his willingness to really deal with the situation.

Since May 29 2015, almost 150 persons have died in various Boko Haram attacks across Nigeria, Niger and Chad. Aside from moving the military command center to Maiduguri, there really is no other clear action that the President can be said to be doing. His bid to unite the nations of the chad basin in this fight is already something that President Goodluck Jonathan had done for which he President Buhari roundly criticized him.

Nigerians and indeed the entire Africa want to see a more proactive approach to this fight. The supporters of Mr President believed that being a former general gave him an advantage over President Jonathan. This advantage is as yet to be seen as the attacks have actually been on the increase since he took over.

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