Nigeria: Boko Haram Strikes Again, 30 Killed

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Boko Haram Leader Shekau

About 30 persons have lost their lives in a fresh attack by Boko Haram. These fresh bombings took place again in Maiduguri near a crowded mosque. Eye witnesses say there were two girls involved in the suicide bombings. According to reports, people had gathered from the nearby Baga road fish market to perform their religious rites at the mosque when one of the girls approached them and exploded. The second girl was said to have appeared to be running away only to explode down the road hurting no one but herself.

This fresh attack brings the total number of suicide bombings in Maiduguri to about four this month alone. In fact, between last week and today, over 150 persons have been killed in various Boko Haram attacks spread across Maiduguri, Niger and Chad. These attacks appear to have worsened with the change of government. Nigerians had thought that with the new government, the fight will be taken to these terrorists and they will have been wiped out as promised by President Buhari.

Nigerians still await the total squashing of these terrorists as promised by Mr President. The deaths are already too much. How much more longer will this continue for? When will the action promised by Mr President begin to become evident? The command center has been moved to Maiduguri and the attacks have worsened. Nigerians look to their President for answers and solutions.

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