Nigeria: Another Twin Suicide Bomb Attacks Kill 10 In Borno

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Another twin bomb attacks kill 10 in Borno

In what now appears to be a daily occurrence, another suicide bomb attack was recorded on Thursday July 2 2015. This time it was two suicide bomb attacks that occurred at different spots on the road that leads from Bama to Konduga.

One blast occurred at Malari village along the road, resulting in seven deaths, leaving about 13 others injured. The second suicide bomb attack occurred along the same road and resulted in 3 deaths. This report was confirmed by Aderemi Opadokun, the Borno state Police Commissioner.

These attacks were as usual targeted at areas with the most number of persons. In this case, they targeted the areas where the local traders sell their wares along the road.

The reports that have been coming in for the past few weeks show an alarming increase in the rate of these attacks. These were areas that the Military took over from the militants few weeks back. It is not clear why there seems to be a serious reversal in the gains recorded by the military. Nigerians expected that with the new government in place, more successes will be recorded. Sadly, this has not been the case as the attacks have grown worse on a daily basis.


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Chimerenka Odimba

This is now a daily occurrence. Occurring even two times a day in some cases. God help us.