Nigeria: 9 Sentenced to Death In Kano For Blasphemy

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Nigeria: Nine Sentenced to Death In Kano For Blasphemy

Nine persons have been convicted for blasphemy by an Islamic court in Kano state and sentenced to death. The convicted persons included eight men and one woman who were followers of the Senegalese founder of the Tijaniya sect – Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse.

The said blasphemy occurred at an event in honour of the Sheikh at held last month. The accused were said to have said that Sheikh Niasse was bigger than Prophet Muhammad. This comment from the accused now sentenced, sparked off an unrest that led to a mob action which resulted to the burning of the venue of the meeting.

Niasse currently commands a wide following in West Africa. However, it is generally accepted in Islam that blasphemy against the prophet carries a death sentence. The trial of the accused was quick and this was said to have been done to avert further agitation by the angry mob who wanted to take matters into their own hands. The quick trial of the nine was meant to douse the mounting tension.

We shall continue to monitor this conviction to know if there will be an appeal or if the sentence will be carried out.


BBC Africa

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