Lagos: Ambode Dissolves Boards. Sacks Fashola’s Sister, Others

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Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, Governor of Lagos State has dissolved the boards of all agencies and parastatals in the state. This took effect on Monday June 15 2015 after an announcement issued from office of Tunji Bello the Secretary to the state government.

This type of sweeping change is usually associated with situations where a new party takes over a state and wants to rid itself of all those loyal to the former party. Is this applicable in this case? If Mr Raji Fashola did as well as the APC have been saying, why get rid of the team that helped him achieve what he is said to have achieved.

This simple action has fueled the rumours that Fashola is not in Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s good books. It will be recalled that there were strong rumours that Tinubu was and is strongly against the appointment of Fashola to any significant post under President Buhari’s administration.

What could be the reason for this dissolution? Is Ambode trying to get rid of all those loyal to Fashola? It is interesting that one of those affected by this dissolution is Fashola’s sister Ms Olayinka Fashola who was the General Manager of the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA).

This no doubt is a drastic action that must have a very good reason. Lagosians are waiting and watching to see what will unfold as the days progress.

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