Boko Haram: Military Arrest Head of Terrorist Intelligence Cell – Olukolade

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Military arrests leader of terrorist intelligence cell

The Nigerian Army has recorded what may be considered an inroad in the fight against Boko Haram by effecting the arrest of a businessman who had been aiding the sect in its activities. Speaking on the Major General Chris Olukolade the Defence spokesman said that the businessman known as Babuji Ya’ari had for long been pretending to be part of the Vigilante group while actually supplying intelligence reports to the sect.

Ya’ari according to Olukolade was the head of a terrorist intelligence cell while fronting as a member of the self-defence Youth Vigilante Group. Since 2011, he has been instrumental to numerous attacks and abductions that have taken place in the region. He is also said to have been involved in the assassination of the emir of Gwoza in 2014.

The latest news gives confirms the previous assumptions that both the Vigilante groups and the Military itself had been infiltrated members of the sect or those sympathetic to them. The Army has confirmed that Ya’ari is providing them with vital information that will lead to the arrest of other members of the sect.

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