Boko Haram: Fresh Attack Rocks Yobe State

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Boko Haram Bombs Yobe

Another attack credited to the Boko Haram sect has occurred one day after the attacks by two teenage girls at Maiduguri. This time, the bomb was strapped to a very young girl suspected to be no more than 12 years old. This latest attack claimed 10 lives and left at least 12 others injured.

This attack took place at Wagir, in the Gubja district in Damaturu the Yobe state capital. The explosion occurred by about 11am at the weekly market that takes place in the town. Attacks are now being recorded almost on a daily basis. These attacks seem to be in defiance of the new government that promised to make Boko Haram a thing of the past in 2 months. It is almost a month now from the May 29 2015 handover date and the attacks are only getting worse and very frequent. There is also no clear response from the government to these attacks. Given the criticism the past government suffered at the hands of the current government while they were in the opposition, Nigerians expected more result oriented action. Sadly, this is yet to be seen.

If the APC led government will really deliver on its promise of eradicating the Boko Haram scourge in 2 months, some results should be apparent now.

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