Mali: 12 Dead As Islamist Gunmen Attack Malian Town

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Malian Islamist Militants

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the western Malian town of Nara experienced hours of gunfire between the Malian Army and an attacking Islamist militant group. The attack which started at about 5am lasted for hours and residents had to lock themselves in their homes for fear of being harmed.

In the wake of the attack, nine of the attackers and three Malian soldiers were left dead. According to the army, the militants targeted a military camp and a bank. The attack was said to have been well planned, with indications of advance infiltration.

Commenting further on the attacks, a military officer said that though the group could not be readily identified, military intelligence coupled with reports from eye witnesses indicate that the attackers were mostly from the Peuhl ethnic group.

The Malian government had a week earlier signed a peace deal with a Tuareg-led northern rebel alliance which now allows them to focus mainly on handling the problem of the Islamist militants.

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