Niger: Boko Haram Retaliatory Attack – 40 Killed in Niger

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Boko Haram Attack on Niger

In an obvious retaliatory attack for Niger’s participation in the multi-nation join task force, the Boko Haram sect has struck again. The militants today crossed from Nigeria into in the towns of Lamana and Ngoumawa in neighbouring Niger, burning house and shooting at those attempting to flee. Earlier this week, there had been twin suicide bomb attacks on a Chadian police building and academy resulting in the death of over 30 people.

Just as the attack on Chad resulted in a forceful response of the Chadian government, so also is the government of Niger responding to this attack. Speaking on the attack, the governor of Niger’s Diffa region Yakouba Soumana Gaoh, said the country’s military will ensure the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice.

This is the second major attack Niger has suffered. In April, about 58 lives were lost when the sect attacked Niger. Within this week alone, Nigeria, Chad and Niger have all been hit and the death toll is over 130 and this is after the AU summit where support was drummed up for the fight against the insurgents.

It will be recalled that U.S pledged about $5 million to the Multi-Nation Joint Task Force though its counter-terrorist officials say that Boko Haram is winning the war.

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