Chad Declares War on Boko Haram Following Twin Attacks

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Chad deploys soldiers

Chad has more or less declared war on the terror group Boko Haram. This followed on the heels of the twin attacks thought to be handiwork of the terror group. Twin suicide bombings in the Chadian capital – N’Djamena had earlier claimed about 23 lives while leaving 101 other injured. The attack was aimed at a police headquarters and police academy.Though neither Boko Haram nor any other terrorist group has come out to take responsibility for this attack, all indications point strongly to Boko Haram.

Chad is part of the Multi-Nation Joint Task force that has been carrying out a mutli-fronted attack on Boko Haram. With the coordinated attacks from the  joint task force, the sect had been taking on heavy loses and has since been on the run. The Northern part of Nigeria had been the main recipient of these attacks. This attack in Chad, may be an attempt at retaliating for Chad’s role in their current state of increasing defeats.

In response to this attack, the Chadian government has vowed to neutralize this threat. If this act was meant to scare the Chadian government, it might have had the opposite effect by making them more committed than ever to the fight against terror in the Chadian Basin.

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